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Jesus isn’t some irrelevant historical figure who doesn’t relate to you in the modern world. He has experienced every human frailty and vulnerability. He’s for everyone. He has the answers to life’s pressing problems. He understands us.

Topics include Family Matters, Heartbreak, Dinner Party, Mourning, Rebel, Anxiety, Outrage, & Celebration.

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Week 1 | Family Matters

Week 2 | Heartbreak

Week 3 | Dinner Party

Week 4 | Mourning

Week 5 | Rebel

Week 6 | Outrage

Week 7 | Anxiety

Week 8 | Jesus Let His Hair Down, Too


Week 1 Discussion Questions

Week 2 Discussion Questions

Week 3 Discussion Questions

Week 4 Discussion Questions

Week 5 Discussion Questions

Week 6 Discussion Questions

Week 7 Discussion Questions

Week 8 Discussion Questions


Was Jesus’ Family Perfect?

Heartbreak Guide

Share a Meal

Encounters with Jesus

Rebel Against Division

Jesus in the Superbowl

Was Jesus Ever Stressed?

Stay Involved

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