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A masterpiece is the greatest work of an artist, a best of its kind. Michelangelo had his Sistine chapel, Leonardo da Vinci had the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, and Van Gogh had his self-portrait. But there is no work of art that compares to God’s masterpiece: how the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ changes the kind of people we are. God is not like a doting father who’s oblivious to his child’s faults. Rather, He is your all-knowing, yet all-powerful Father in heaven who can envision what you will be when it is all said and done. God can look at you and can see what you will become before you have actually become it.

Masterpiece Worship Music Playlist


Masterpiece: Week 1 | Light of the World

Masterpiece: Week 2 | The 95 Theses

Masterpiece: Week 3 | The Weimar Altarpiece

Masterpiece: Week 4 | The Healing of the Lepers at Capernaum

Masterpiece: Week 5 | The Resurrection at Cookham

Masterpiece: Week 6 | The Feast at the House of Levi

Masterpiece: Week 7 | The Windows at Sainte Chapelle


Masterpiece | Discussion Week 1

Masterpiece | Discussion Week 2

Masterpiece | Discussion Week 3

Masterpiece | Discussion Week 4

Masterpiece | Discussion Week 5

Masterpiece | Discussion Week  6

Masterpiece | Discussion Week  7


Light of the World

The 95 Theses

Bread for Beggars

The Healing of the Lepers at Capernaum

The Resurrection at Cookham

The Feast at the House of Levi

The Windows of Sainte Chapelle

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Sundays at 9:00 & 10:30AM  (CST).
9:00 service is livestreamed and
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