Meet the 2021 Summer Camp Staff

Renee Borgman

Summer Camp Administrator

Meet Renee Borgmann! Renee is the Summer Camp Administrative Director. Renee began her career as a classroom teacher, and then became Messiah’s Director of Children’s Ministries in August 2001, where she continues to serve in that role.

Ellie Smith

Summer Camp Programming Director

Meet Ellie Smith! Ellie is the Summer Camp Programming Director. Ellie attended Concordia University in Chicago. Ellie is a middle school teacher at Atonement Lutheran School in the St. Louis area, but prior to that, worked two summers as a counselor and then camp lead at Messiah’s Summer Camp.

Kate Schlie

Summer Camp Lead

Meet Kate Schlie! Kate is the Summer Camp Lead! Kate goes to the University of Arkansas where she is studying to become a middle school and high school English teacher. If Kate could fill the ocean with something other than water, she would choose to fill it with jello. 

Sandy Smith

Summer Camp Resource Counselor

Meet Sandy Smith! Sandy is the Summer Camp Resource Counselor. If Sandy could become an expert in one thing, she would choose to be an expert mechanic so she could repair her own car. 

Kaitlyn Woodard

Summer Camp Counselor

Meet Kaitlyn Woodard! Kaitlyn is a Summer Camp Counselor and attends Lindenwood University. Kaitlyn is studying Business Administration because she wants to work in the Non-Profit Sector when she grows up. When asked if she’d live her life without AC/Heat or Internet/Wifi, Kaitlyn answered “Internet/Wifi”. 

Emily Langston

Summer Camp Counselor

Meet Emily Langston! Emily is a Summer Camp Counselor. Emily attends Washington University in St. Louis. She is studying psychology and Spanish because she wants to become either an attorney or psychotherapist when she grows up. Emily has the unique habit of waking up to an alarm every morning, even on days when she can sleep in!

Molly Clifft

Summer Camp Counselor

Meet Molly Clifft! Molly is a Summer Camp Counselor. Molly will be attending Maryville University in the Fall to study Physical Therapy. If Molly had a boat, she would name it “S.S. Scooby Doo”!

Quinn Kelly

Summer Camp Counselor

Meet Quinn Kelly! Quinn is a Summer Camp Counselor. Quinn attends Concordia University Chicago, where he is studying to become an elementary school teacher. The funniest nickname people used to call Quinn is “Quinnster”. 

Megan Auringer

Summer Camp Counselor

Meet Megan Auringer! Megan is a Summer Camp Counselor. Megan attends Concordia University Irvine where she is studying to become a graphic designer. A sport that Megan tried as a child but believes she failed at is volleyball.  

Margaret Fitzgerald

Summer Camp Counselor

Meet Margaret Fitzgerald! Margaret is a Summer Camp Counselor. Margaret attends the University of Arkansas where she is studying journalism and Spanish. The most adventurous thing Margaret has ever done was zip line over a mountain in Guatemala. 

Gabriella Thomas

Junior Counselor

Meet Gabriella Thomas! Gabriella is a Junior Counselor and goes to school at Lutheran High St. Charles. Gabriella’s favorite subject in school is communications. If Gabriella could own any funny animal as a pet, she would choose to have a raccoon and name it Miko.

Abigail Bell

Junior Counselor

Meet Abigail Bell! Abigail is a Junior Counselor and goes to school at Lutheran High St. Charles. Abigail’s favorite subject in school is history. If Abigail were to try out for a signing reality show, she would sing “Speechless” from the live-action Aladdin in her audition. 

Anna Smith

Junior Counselor

Meet Ana Smith! Ana is a Junior Counselor. Ana goes to school at Lutheran High St. Charles. Ana’s favorite subject in school is English. If Ana could have an endless supply of any food, she would choose cranberry sauce. 

Will Schlie

Junior Counselor

Meet Will Schlie! Will is a Junior Counselor. Will attends Lutheran High St. Charles and his favorite subject in school is biology. The best knock knock joke Will knows is: “Knock Knock. Who’s there? The doorbell repairman.”

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