I’m Broken / I’m Ok (week 1)

3 January 2021

Series: I'm Broken

I'm Broken / I'm Ok (week 1)

I’m Broken / I’m Ok

Let’s face it — we all have problems. Some are big. Some are small. But everyone has them and everyone needs to know how to deal with them, Christ-followers included. The Bible actually has quite a lot to say about humanity’s brokenness. It was the reason Jesus came to live among us! But that doesn’t stop us from asking some big questions:

WHY is life so full of struggles, and HOW am I supposed to react to them?
What would my life be like if I didn’t let my struggles stop me?

Pastor Jim Mueller addresses these questions and gives you some practical advice on how to approach your problems. There is a way to “struggle well” and you’ll learn more about how to do so.