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We “attend” worship every week, but what does it really mean to worship God? This series explores what Jesus said about worship, why it’s important for His followers to put it into practice, and how we can enter our time of worship with greater intentionality and purpose.

Worship Series Worship Music Playlist


Worship Series: Week 1 | It’s More Than You Think: Breathe in Grace, Breathe Out Praise

Worship Series: Week 2 | It’s More Than You Think: Personal & Confidential

Worship Series: Week 3 | It’s More Than You Think: Passionate & Reverent

Worship Series: Week 4 | It’s More Than You Think: Sing!


Worship Series | Discussion Week  1

Worship Series | Discussion Week  2

Worship Series | Discussion Week  3

Worship Series | Discussion Week  4

Worship Times

Worship with us in-person on
Sundays at 9:00 & 10:30AM  (CST).
9:00 service is livestreamed and
then available on demand.

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